Best Ideas to Invest in Gold

In the contemporary world, many people invest in Gold. Unlike other investment options, Gold investments are considered to be resistant to economic fluctuations. The securities and money markets tend to keep fluctuating and it is becoming more difficult to predict the value of stocks. The Gold value on the other hand tends to be more constant with little fluctuation. This may be the reason why many people turn to investing in Gold as opposed to other investment options.

The two most common types of Gold investments are Gold Bullion Coins and Gold Valcambi Element Card. One of the good things about coins is their small size that makes them easy to handle and store. All that you may need is a just secured safe where you can store your coin investment.

Investing in Bullion Coins is a good strategy especially for the short-term investment. Gold bullion is basically available in Bars and Coins. While investing in Bullion, you may opt to go for the Bullion Bars or instead of the coins. The Bullion Bars normally start from 1 gram to 400 ounces. On the other hand, coins may weigh from 1/10 ounce to 1 ounce. However, lighter coins have emerged with time and you can now access coins weighing as little as 1/20 ounce. Therefore, Gold coins are indeed a very convenient choice for the investor.

Element Card Bullion Case

The best thing about investing in Gold is that Gold is a recognized investment across the world. For instance, the Gold Bullion Coins are a legal tender struck and guaranteed by government mints. This gives Gold Coins an instant liquidity throughout the world. Once you invest in Gold Coins, you can transform them into liquid cash in any part of the world.

It is safe to say that investing in Gold is the best alternative we have today with the current situation of the economy. No matter how long it takes for the process to finish, this method provides us with great dividends.

Investment in a precious metal like Gold is one of the best investment decisions that you can ever make, especially during these tumultuous economic times. In fact, investing in Gold can safeguard your portfolio against dangers of inflation, wars and natural disasters as well as fluctuations in stock prices. However, like with any other investment option, Gold Investing does come with its share of risks; and you need to understand such risks!

Chance to win EC bullion case – Collect Silver Bars and Gold Bars

All That You Need To Know About EC Bullion Case

The luster and shine of expensive things are hard to ignore like the gleam of precious metals. Acquiring them, though, is equally hard. After all, you would need hundreds of bucks to buy them – and that is apparently a big deal. Luckily, there is a way out – Element Card Bullion Case.

It is a compact with 24 slots for fitting into each slot 1 gram precious metal bar such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars. Only one gram! Isn’t it cool? That would mean collecting them is far way better than buying, let’s say, 30 troy ounce kilobars of metal. Since they are one gram bars, it is not essential to spend all the money at one time – rather any time you can afford – you can collect and store bars in the stylish, easy to carry Element Case.

Everyone can enjoy the ownership opportunity with regard to these expensive bars. Begin with owning an element card case and keep adding one gram bar whenever you can afford to.

Good News for Investors and Collectors

Gold Bar

Are you an investor or collector looking for rare coins or bars? Do you wonder how and from where you can buy bullion bars easily without even compromising on the quality?

Now the good news is that with Element Card Bullion Case, not only can you collect single gram bars easily but also buy them along with a readymade collection of gold and silver bars. For instance, Bullion Case offers “one case with 12 Silver Bars and one Gold Bar worth only $89.95”. Now as and when you have money to invest in gold or any other metal, you can fill up rest eleven single gram slots without facing any precarious financial situation.

For both investors and collectors, it is a golden avenue to collect precious metal bars. Whenever the metal prices rise, don’t miss the chance to convert the bars into handsome cash amounts!

Discounts and Deals are Rampant

At Bullion Case, we love to make your shopping experience fun. So, stay tuned to our website for the latest discounts and deals and, you can also come across a good chance to win EC Bullion Case. Not to skip, we make sure that you get the best quality element card as well as Valcambi bars from us.

Element Card Bullion Case for Bullion Investment

Your personal vehicle for Bullion Investment

In order to keep safe the bullion investment that you have made for your coming days or just you love to make the collection, there is the need to get element card bullion case. Considering gold and silver for investment may not be good, but somehow are termed as a currency as they may be used to store financial value, for them who want to make use of such financial value by exchanging it for goods, services or other currencies relatively quickly. The demand for the bullion investment is increasing day by day and has been present on more than one market.

Factors responsible for the investment demand

Similar to that of many other financial assets, the factors responsible for the investment demand are:

  • It totally depends upon the motives of the buyers and is known to be varied.
  • The investors preferring gold and silver other than some other assets are motivated by safety, pocketing of yield and greed (as the metal represents power and wealth).
  • The investors having the concern for their assets safety increases the interest in the investment of precious metals during the instability on the financial market.
  • Gold has great value stability for long unlike paper currency, coins or other assets. People seem to make it a great way to preserve their wealth for generations.
  • Depending upon the cost of the living gold gains the value accordingly.

Through all such factors, it is known that the gold in form of bars or any Valcambi Gram Bars needed to save for long in order to make the great investments without any hassles and safely.  Bring your bullion investment within a safe mode through Bullion Case with the great opportunity to extend precious metal ownership to everyone with element card bullion case.


What are the effective ways to protect against inflation?

The rise in prices of the products that we can’t make our living without affects our life incredibly. Inflation has its pros and cons for individuals as well as for the entire nation. While the economic growth generated with the emergence of inflation benefit the country in many ways, it is hard to resist the influence of its disadvantages. Yes, inflation can leave you in dire straits. Fortunately, along with real-estate and bullion gold bars, there are certain ways to protect against inflation. Let’s explore them below!

Short-Terms Bonds

Short-term bonds are a preferred option than a long-term bond to match the increased cost of living. Let’s say, you buy a bond of 4 years during which you receive a fixed income of an amount i.e. $5000. The bond matures after 4 years and then you invest in new a bond that offers a higher interest rate. It is noticeable that the interest rate will be surged as per the increased inflation rate.

Short-term bonds are a great way to get a fixed income that satisfies a proliferated cost of living.


The rates of real-estate almost always increase in line with inflationary trends. Since 1970, we have seen a considerable hike in the prices of the real-estate. Of course, there are blips as well along the way but the rates go mostly in parallel with the rate of inflation. Thus, investing in real estate can be a phenomenal hedge against inflation.


Gold costs have been increasing since the days immemorial. Gold is a commodity and when commodity-driven inflation encounters the economy, the prices of commodities are likely to move on as well. Hence, adding gold in the form of gold bars, jewelry or other ingots to your investment portfolio can help you reap great returns during inflation.

These are the ones of the most productive options and act as a hedge against inflation. Undoubtedly, there are other ways too such as stocks, ETFs and securities. It depends on which options suit from person to person.

Why should you invest in Tangible assets?

Why should you invest in Tangible assets?

Everyone possesses one or more tangible assets. But when it comes to a complete financial plan, you might want to be more considerate about the choice of investment options between tangible assets and intangible assets. Here are a few reasons tangible assets such as gold bars, silver bars, property, car, etc outweigh intangible assets.

How tangible assets are different from intangible assets?

Before you understand the benefits and reasons for you should invest in physical investment collectibles, let’s just view how exactly all the assets are categorized in the category of tangible and intangible assets.

Tangible investments do not need an account balance, exchange market or financial statement. These goods have a natural value to them and they act as a hedge against economic instability. On the other hand, their counterparts such as stocks and bonds are traded in the financial marketplace with a high monetary risk.

Benefits of Tangible Assets

Liquidation is Easy

With an investment in physical goods, you can pave way for better financial security. When you buy a car, a piece of art, jewellery, gold bars & silver bars or a house, you can liquidate them into cash easily and fast.

Reduced Market Risk

Physical assets hold an economic value which is less likely to diminish radically. The assets such as gold bullion and real estate are not as prone to the market risk as bonds & stocks are.

Protection against Inflation

Inflation is a financial situation of a nation when prices increase and purchasing power decrease. There are certain consequences of inflation. The money from savers and investors is transferred to debtors. Therefore, the purchasing power of investors is tended to reduce while debtors become able to pay off their debt with less valuable money. The tangible investments can prove to be a hedge against the challenges of inflation which are thrown onto investors.

Make Your Savings Experience Better With Bullion Bars!

A new house after 3 years, a trip to Europe two months later or a grand birthday bash next month! We all do savings for one reason or another and we all are acquainted with the fact that saving money is not easy at all. How obvious it is that you miss to keep the saving amount aside for a month or two in between. Sometimes some sudden expenses down the road become the barrier and sometimes your own financial mistakes take a toll on your budget. Let’s figure out how the middle of this everything gold bars and silver bars can help to make saving better!

Setting Saving Goals Is Easier

All goes wrong with our budget as well as savings when we are unable to stick to our saving goals. This happens majorly due to unrealistic saving plans that you hope would incredibly work but end up futile. Contrarily, it is much easier to set goals with gold or silver ingots. These bars are available in different sizes and weights and therefore, it is very easy to buy a category most suitable to your budget every month.

Benefits From Increasing Value

Purchasing the bullion bar is effective for long-term saving plans as the prices of these metals keep increasing from time to time. Every time, you learn the hike in prices, you can sell the collection of bars to earn a bigger margin and buy again when the silver and gold bar cost falls down. This cycle can be repeated until you reach your saving goal.

Liquidate Only When Needed

It is not uncommon to come across forcible expenses multiple times while you are on your saving plans. What do you do, then? Probably, you tend to think something like this “Let’s spend the saving amount now and I’ll make adjustments later for the withdrawn amount”. The good news is that this won’t be the case with silver or gold metal bars. Having accumulated this solid metal, you would know that it is only after liquidation that you can procure cash from these metals. Their chances are pretty less to get wasted for any other random expenditure!

3 Reasons you should buy Valcambi Combibar

Valcambi combibar is a combination of 24 gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars, packed up in a high-quality Element Card. These bars are high-quality precious metal bars from Valcambi. Though precious metals can also be bought in the form of jewelry, these bars boast the best properties that make them the most loved form of precious metals. Let’s find out the best 3 reasons for you should buy Valcambi Combibars.

Easy to Buy

A Combibar from Valcambi consists of a mixture of different metal bars. Enclosed in one case, these bars can be bought easily in one go. You don’t need to look separately for different bars here and there. Following simple steps online, you can just own a full pack of 24-gram bars.

When you search for bullion bars, a plenty of options will come your way. Different sizes and weights can even bewilder you. The diversity of size, weight, and kind can feel attractive but they may not assimilate your budget. However, you can have a number of bars on a fixed price with combibars.

Earn Discounts

If you buy only one bar every time, you may end up spending more money than that of buying a combibar. This is a good opportunity to earn discounts on items like gold and silver metals which otherwise can be difficult. This element card of bullion bars is perfect for those who want to make some sort of investments but want discounts due to the shortage of money.


Valcambi combibars come in variety so that you can choose one as per your own suitability. For instance, there are combinations like 12 silver bars and 1 gold bar or 12 gold bars and a few silver bars. With such variation of combibars, the price may also vary giving you the flexibility to select a combibar as per your financial capability.

What Good Things Can You Do With Bullion Bars?

Bullion bars are attractive and valuable and, available in several precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. Many people love to buy bullion and keep them with themselves. But why? Maybe they are very fond of it! But, there are certainly some great things that you can do with these bars than just keeping it with yourself as a fondness.

Trade Bullion Bars

Where there is trading, a potential of earning profit exists. And metal bars are perhaps one of the best commodities to trade and make money from. Since the price of precious metals rise very often, buying them and then selling for prices higher than at you purchased them can return you huge profits. If you have not yet found a suitable investment option, start with these small and shiny bars.

Collect Bars For Big Future Investments

Wondering how to save money for your next iPhone? Or planning to keep aside small bucks every month for your birthday party which is going to come soon? In lieu of saving those extra bucks, spend them on gold bars or silver bars (you can get good returns once you sell them). These precious metal bars are available in different sizes as well as weights including single grams. Collecting them, therefore, isn’t burdensome at all.

Having accumulated enough silver or gold bars in element card, you can sell them whenever the price hits a good number or your second investment plan is ready to get matured.

Gift Precious Metal Bars

Is there someone whom you wanna present something on an occasion like a business success, completion of graduation, or beginning of a new life chapter? Whether you wanna pat the back, wish good luck or just congratulate for something, precious metal bars fit for every expression. These flamboyant single gram metals have the energy to inspire, motivate and impress!

Why should you buy 1 Gram Gold Bars?

Gold may be attractive but it is certainly not affordable for everyone to buy. At the one hand, its raising prices offer investors a great opportunity to earn huge profit margins. On the other hand, massive people remain deprived of its benefits due to the lack of financial ability to buy it. So, what exactly should these financially-challenged people do? Do they need to seek other small investment options? Or is there still any possibility of making profits with gold? Maybe 1 gram gold bar is the answer to all these hot questions!

Small Grams Fit Small Budget

A small budget is always a curb on big desires, which is also true in the case of gold-purchase. The bulky gold grams definitely look alluring but their prices are a barrier. At this moment, 1 gram gold bars can really be a thing for those who wanna buy gold but unfortunately they don’t due to limited cash. Are you among them?

Well, all that matters is you should be able to own this precious metal. The single grams give gold ownership opportunities to everyone without leaving them in precarious financial situation. Just with $50, you can start collecting these eye-catching single gram bars, while keeping your budget unaffected.

Small Gold Bars Mean Large Collections

It’s obvious that we buy easy-to-buy items more often without even realizing the financial difficulty. Cheaper the things are more we buy them. This is very true in case of these little shiny gold bars. It can be a real fun purchasing bar after bar and collecting them together in a case like Element card. Once you fill up the case, selling the collection can actually reward you with good cash – maybe more than you may hope.

Combinations of Different Metals

Not every time you need to adhere to only one single gram bar. What about purchasing one single gold bar and maybe 12-gram silver bars? Simply put, if you ever feel that your budget allows a little bit of flexibility then you can opt to combibars – a mixture of single gram silver and gold bars. The price would be a little higher but it would still fall within your budget limits.

Best Valcambi Element Card


Bring Your Bullion Collection the Best Valcambi Element Card

You are a bullion lover and love to collect the gold, silver and other precious metals in compact. Along with that make sure you are giving a proper care to such precious element. You had put a great investment for this collection. So, your bullion needs a proper care and safety so that you can easily carry it along with you wherever you go. With the best valcambi element card, you can easily give protection to your bullion.  For your 1 gram gold & 12 grams silver bullion, the best valcambi combibars element card is the best.

Valcambi Combibars Element Card

With such element card, you can easily store your 1 gram gold and 12 grams silver bullion. Bullion Case  offers the best valcambi element card for your collection of bullion and also the bullion that are available for collection, purchase and investment include gold bullions, silver bullions, platinum bullion and palladium bullion.

For your gold bullion that has been traded for a long time used as money and financial asset and investment.  For storing your gold bullion, buy 5 element card bullion cases or empty element gold valcambi element card will be the best.

For your silver bullion that is one of the popular choices for investors due to its low cost as compared to other precious metals, one case with 12 bars of silver is the best choice element card. Find the best price of such element cards for your collection of bullion.

Different forms bullion storage

Precious metal bullion is not only great to collect, but it’s a lucrative investment as well. There are several different types of bullion that are available for purchase, including more common metals like gold and silver, and bullion can come in a few different forms, like bars or coins. Bullion is easy to store in any form. It can provide additional security against financial turmoil around the world. So, buy your best valcambi element card at the best online store Bullion Case.


Why should you invest in Gold Bars in 2018?

During economic instability and uncertainty, no investment options could offer protection and financial security but gold. Although Bitcoin gripped the attention of markets for some time in last year, yet its fall by 32% in December again corroborated the fact that the financial security offered by Bitcoin is nowhere close to gold. Apart from this interesting fact, there are a few good reasons that investors should look at and go ahead with the purchase of gold and gold bars.

The rise in Inflation Rate

The current inflation rate is 1.9% as a result of extreme highs in the stock market.  And the investors are overwhelmed with the uncertainty in the stock market as it is constantly hitting records. There seems no reason for people to be adamant about being in the stock market and ultimately they are forced to exit. The fluctuations in the economy can be seen and people are backing out from the world of the stock market while stepping on to the land of gold markets. This may lead to an increase in the price of gold as most people are shifting towards it considering it a safe haven. And, considering the hike in the gold prices, it would be advantageous for people to buy this precious metal.  They can also purchase gold conveniently in the form of gold bars.

Reduced Short-Selling in Gold

The decrease in short-selling in gold also signifies the rise in the gold prices. Short interest is falling and therefore short positions on the stocks of gold are far less than before. This may impact on the gold rates which in turn can offer enticing investment prospects to the investors.

Strong Demand

The gold is a precious metal that is consumed on a massive scale globally. The high consumer demand in countries like India and China influences the rates of the gold. There is consistency in the demand and so will be in the prices. It’s a great opportunity for people to invest their money in gold and get the benefits from hefty returns from the same. Buy high-quality Valcambi gold bars in any size, weight, and quantity here at Bullion Case.