Gold Silver CombiBars

Gold & Silver CombiBars

Gold Silver Combibars, When you want to invest in Gold for economic security but you don’t necessarily want to carry around or store huge, cumbersome Bars, CombiBars are an excellent venture solution. Available in both Gold and silver, these Gold and silver Bars are perfect when you want your investment to be bendable, convenient and highly liquid. In this unique design, each bar contains breakable bar pieces of the precious metal, so that that you can settle part of the asset while holding on to the rest until you need it.

CombiBars Offer Excellent Liquidity

Each Gold Silver CombiBar is comprised of a total unit of .9999 fines Gold or silver, and the person Bars are protected in a sealed assay package. Sold as a single unit, the CombiBar is really many smaller units that can be utterly divided from one another. Each bar contains the Valcambi logo, the weight and purity of each divide piece is indicated on the bar, and each comes with a unique serial number. This allow for easy separation and trading in small, handy units.

Gold Silver Combibars


  • 100 gram Gold bar that can be broken into 1 gram pieces
  • 50 gram Gold bar that can be broken into 1 gram pieces
  • 20 gram Gold bar that can be broken into 1 gram pieces
  • 5 gram Gold star that can be broken into 1 gram pieces
  • 1 ounce Gold bar that can be broken into 1/10 ounce pieces


  • 100 gram Silver Bar that can be broken into 1 gram pieces
  • 100 gram Silver Bar that can be broken into 10 gram pieces


The Best Product for Bartering – Gold Silver Combibars

While Gold Bars and coins are great investment vehicles on their own, the CombiBar really excels in the area of quick, easy economic protection. In case of economic adversity, the CombiBar is ideal for bartering. With breakable pieces to trade in seclusion, the CombiBar offers an benefit that even Gold coins don’t immediate liquidity. Gold coins vary in value, weight, find, etc., but each CombiBar™ is designed to easily allow the seller and the buyer to assess value on the spot. This allows for fast, fair trade. Imagine: if the economic system collapse, your CombiBars will give you a clear and distinct benefit when it comes to the actual logistics of trading for valuable goods and services. Gold has always been a universal symbol of value, and CombiBars make this voluntarily apparent fact available in a practical sense.




Gold Coins have been prized by collectors and investors for centuries. In fact, the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle is recognized by many to be one of the most beautiful coins of all time. Gold coins will come in a variety of weights, including coins larger than an little and coins as small as one-tenth of an ounce. Gold bullion is basically available in Bars and Coins.


Silver Bullion Coins are a favorite for collectors and investors alike. Not only is silver a relatively cheap precious metal, but many of the coins that are minted are beautiful as well. Silver bullion is basically available in Bars and coins.

Advantages of Investing in Gold and Other Precious Metals

Gold and other precious metal investments aren’t as volatile and aren’t subjecting to huge market fluctuations. Precious metals have always been valuable in human societies, and laws of supply and demand dictate that with greater demand and a finite supply, precious metals are virtually guaranteed to remain valuable over the long-term. In addition, the Gold itself is tangible, offering physical, universal protection that isn’t possible when purchasing stocks or bonds in a company. If the financially viable system fails, stocks and bonds will be worthless, while solid Gold will still hold value.

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